The Flash Sounds

The Flash Sounds, featured as part of the inaugural Flash Acts Festival in October 2020, showcased a diverse line-up of live and recorded virtual performances from musicians across the United States in Russia, including John Kengla (New York, NY), Two Siberians (Novosibirsk), Quinn DeVeaux (Nashville, TN), Cheerful Diligence (Moscow, Russia), Elijah Jamal Balbed (Washington, DC, U.S.), Miramar (Richmond, VA), Magical Marginals (Yekaterinburg), Kurara (Yekaterinburg),  Daniil Kramer Trio (Moscow), Seth Kessel (Brooklyn, NY), Merema (Mordovia, Russia), Hannah Juanita (Chattanooga, TN), Chaif (Yekaterinburg), Nuggers (Yekaterinburg), Mose Wilson (Nashville, TN), and Izumrud (Yekaterinburg), and Otavo Yo (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Enjoy live performances below from Hannah Juanita, Megg Farrell, Mose Wilson, Seth Kessell, and Merema!